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15 Self Talks for piano and looped piano: 

This is a piece for 2 players, both are the same person. It consists of 15 short pieces. In each piece, there is a recording of a piano that has been edited- sometimes slightly and sometimes to a level that the piano sound is almost unrecognizable. In each piece the recording is being looped- a few or many times, depending on the length of the recording. The pianist is playing along with his recordings like in a concerto. 

We recorded and filmed the Self Talks, and will be uploading all of them, one at a time! These videos are our own self-production. 

No. 1: Overture

This is the first piece in the set, it is super short and serves as an introduction. In this video you can hear and see elements (both musical and visual) that will appear throughout the piece.

No. 5: Isaac MuteOn

In this piece, the practice pedal of the upright piano (that exists to allow silent practicing that won't disturb the neighbors) is being used as a musical effect- it is a game between soft and loud playing. The name pays tribute to the great scientist (guess who) and to piano mutes.

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